PCLG 2021 Women’s Retreat – Oct. 15-17


Jesus taught that true love doesn’t come just from our heart – it also involves our souls and minds. But what does this mean? Join us as we discover some answers at the PCLG 2021 Women’s Retreat during the weekend of Oct. 15-17 at The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos.
Under the theme “Cultivating Love,” we’ll explore ways that God’s love nurtures us, and invites us to seek wholeness and integration of our bodies, souls, intellects and emotions. Our teacher will be the Rev. Annanda Barclay, an inspiring speaker, a Presbyterian pastor, and a chaplain at Stanford Hospital and at Stanford University’s School of Engineering. 

The Jesuit Center is nestled in the hills above Los Altos, with beautiful views and gardens, walking trails and even a labyrinth – the perfect place for a peaceful getaway. After a hard season, retreatants can look forward to a weekend of learning, singing, praying and playing together.


The retreat will run from Friday evening through Sunday morning, with a Saturday-only option. The fee for the full weekend is $320, which includes five meals. The Saturday-only charge, which includes lunch, is $100. 


For more information – including what to bring, when to check in, and what to expect at the center – see What You Should Know Before You Go and the retreat schedule. If you have questions or need online help, contact our church administrator, Lisa McKibbin, at lisa.mckibbin@pclg.org, (408) 356-6156.


Registration deadline is Sept. 26. All attendees must sign an attestation that they will have been fully vaccinated by Oct. 1. You may register and pay during coffee hour after worship service each Sunday from Aug. 29 through Sept. 26. You may also register and pay online, or in the church office Wednesday through Friday. To register online, click here. To pay online, please click here and enter your amount on the “Women’s Retreat” line.