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All-Church Mexico Mission!

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Each Year we travel to Mexico to build houses for needy people. 

Interested in this year's trip? Have questions? Please join us for an informational session on Sunday, March 26 after worship in the Fireside Room, or e-mail!


Ready to sign up? Please click here to fill out our online


            June 22-29, 2024


Interested in this year’s trip? Have questions? Please e-mail!



Ready to sign up? Please click here to fill out our online form.


A Reflection by
Team Member Gene Caselli

Buenos Días! The Mexico mission week was a week of works and words. Pastor Dave led us in a devotion time each night and challenged us to think on a word each day. They were good words for the work week: Gran Viaje, a great journey, Hogar/Casa, home and house, Descanso/ Trabajo Rest and work, Dámelo, asking God for something as in God, grant me…, and Acabo de Terminar

I have just finished – the sense of accomplishment. Each had significance for the day and enriched our experience.

The last night we were reflecting on own our personal journey. Many things we had not even had time to process. As I was reflecting that evening and these last few days, I realized the power of some additional words to describe my feelings. Amor


Ministries gave us t-shirts. Someone asked what it said… I said “Disrupted.” It is written, not as a complete word, but chopped up, “DIS. RUP. TED.” — or how you would feel disrupted. There are lots of other words to go with this one, but it was the one that stuck with me. This is the first word of my reflection but I want to take you back to how this mission began for me…

In all honesty, I will admit that my journey to join the group was reluctant. Camping without running water and bathrooms and doing construction work, Well those things might be best left to others. But, I felt nudged. I went to the  meeting to support our organizers, Erik and Carlo, and listened. I took the flyer, and it got covered up in a stack on my desk. But something kept saying, “Mexico Mission trip”… (I think it was Erik!) I finally signed up and agreed to go. I was waiting to see how it would go. But, after working and building with the team from the church and eating and sleeping out doors, I realized what the purpose was for me… My life had been disrupted. I was to step out of myself and my comfortableness and work to make someone else’s life better. I realized the nudge was a call to be a disciple in this place and this time, to do something meaningful for others. The families we helped are some of the most vulnerable in the world.

It was also for me a time to spend with new and old friends, work together and build a stronger community for myself with other church members.

My next word is gratitude: to the church for your support. For your smiling faces when we returned, the cookies and the prayers. I am also grateful to the group for opening up your hearts to my 13 year-old nephew from Virginia who came with us. He wanted to make connections with the families by speaking Spanish and to help build the houses. He didn’t know anyone or any names. He was a stranger when he arrived. You made him feel welcome. That is what we are called to do—welcome strangers with love and I thank you. I also want to talk about our leaders—my word for them is ADMIRATION in capital letters. I am in awe at the organization, planning coordination that was done before we went to make it a success. The experience was smooth, the team made things happen and it appeared effortless. The team on the ground—each site had leaders and Erik was head of the kitchen, which was a fantastic success. Again, they have been called to give and they have my complete admiration.

Lastly, I will leave you with this thought: One of the homes had this written on the side of the house in large letters: “

Dios vive en éste hogar.

” God lives in this home.” 

For me, that says it all.  

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Debate: God in the Modern World

Wednesday, February 25 at 15:00


Easter Prayers

Sunday, February 29 at 19:00

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Isaiah 41:10

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