Sweet Spirits Meetup Group
Sweet Spirits is a brand new outreach program being guided by the mission committee of the PCLG. It is a Meetup Group formed by Susan McDougall. Susan and Mark Creamer are its administrators. Sweet Spirits meets approximately every other Tuesday evening in south San Jose for “cake and conversation.” Dessert is served! The group is specifically geared towards those who are interested in spirituality, but who are of no faith tradition, other faith traditions, or those who, for whatever reason, no longer wish to participate in organized religion.  If you know someone for whom this group might be a good fit, please send them our way. They can find us and RSVP at  https://www.meetup.com/Sweet-Spirits-San-Jose or they can email Susan at smcd15501@gmail.com with Sweet Spirits in the subject heading.   
The guest speaker on January 21 will be Wendy Toda, a talented artist and spiritual coach from Westhope Presbyterian Church. The topic will be “Art as Spiritual Conversation.”  Wendy’s webpage is wendylewtoda.com.  
Upcoming Topics and activities:
“Spiritual Direction”
“Drum Circle”
“Science Fiction and Spirituality”