Women’s Retreat 2023
In this church-wide season of growing in grace, we women are never alone. Just as the redwood trees often grow in circles, their roots nurturing and strengthening each other, we are surrounded by circles of other women. Some of these women are the matriarchs of the Bible, whose stories echo in our own lives. Others are women we walk with today, who encircle us with love and support as we grow together in grace.

Join us as we seek wisdom and inspiration from both the early women of our faith, and from the women of our own community, when we gather at the PCLG 2023 Women’s Retreat during the weekend of Oct. 13-15 at The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos.

Our teacher will be the Rev. Karen Thistlethwaite, a staff member of the Presbytery of San Francisco who has held numerous pastoral and other leadership positions. Karen has a passion for authentic community, and seeks to find truth, pursue justice and care for others. She delights in seeing the world through the eyes of her two young children, who are constantly showing her new ways to love, grow and experience God.

The retreat is from Friday afternoon through Sunday noon, with a Saturday- only option. The fee for the full weekend is $375, which includes two nights and five meals. The Saturday-only charge, which includes lunch, is $135.

You may sign up and pay at the registration table during coffee hour after Sunday worship services, in the church office, or on this PCLG website. Registration and payment deadline is Sunday, Sept. 24.

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