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The Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos
is hosting the Thirtieth Anniversary Spring Sing



Sunday, April 13, 2025 at 7:00 p.m.

So many performances take place at Christmas time that it is easy to forget that Handel’s beloved oratorio is actually Easter music, having first been presented in April of 1742. Come celebrate the season by singing not only the popular numbers, but also songs in the less familiar Easter section that other programs usually omit. Bring your own score, or purchase one at the door, or just relax and listen.


This performance of Messiah is different from others you may have attended,  We will perform the entire work, from start to finish.  If you have ever wanted to sing the whole thing with orchestral accompaniment, this is your chance.  Furthermore, there are no assigned soloists.  You will be allowed to sing all the solo movements as well.


Free, but required, tickets are available by sending a self addressed stamped envelope with your ticket request, including number of tickets to:

Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos
16575 Shannon Road
Los Gatos, CA  95032

4 informal rehearsals!

Want a chance to practice? Come and learn some of the choruses and solos with piano accompaniment. Free admission, no ticket required — just show up at the church!

Rehearsal schedule to be announced in 2025


For more information or tickets, e-mail ( Messiah info  


Want to bake cookies or help with the event? Click here to see where we need assistance.

Need to download a copy of the vocal score? Click here


All the information you would want to
know about the Spring Sing


What time does the Sing start


What time does the Sing end?

About 10:30pm

How long is the Sing?

A little more than 3 hours

Is there an intermission?

Yes, we take a 20 minute intermission


Do the tickets cost money?

No, they're free!  We will take an offering to help cover costs

How many tickets can I get?

As many as you need, but please don't order more than you need


How many people can come?

As many people as you like, just request tickets for them! 

How many people attend?

We usually have about 400 in attendance

Do I have to sing?

All are invited to sing, but you don't have to.  It's fine just to listen.


Who is the conductor?

David Herberg, member of PCLG & local choir and theater conductor


What time are rehearsals?

From 8:30-9, one part stays to rehearse some of their solos

Do rehearsals cost anything?

No, they're free

Are tickets needed for rehearsals?

No, just show up in the sanctuary

What if I miss a rehearsal?

No problem. Each rehearsal  we do is different movements

What songs will we practice?

We practice  3-4 movements each rehearsal.  Conductor's choice.

Who is in the orchestra?

The orchestra is made up of paid professionals, many from The Peninsula Symphony, Redwood Symphony, Winchester Orchestra and other local orchestras

Who are the soloists?

There are no soloists!!  Everyone is invited to sing everything!


Is there sheet music?

Yes, for sale for $10

Can I borrow music?

Unfortuanately, we are not able to offer music to borrow.

Is there child care?

No, we don't offer childcare, but we welcome children to join us (how else do they learn about great music?)  Sometimes kids get tired and need to leave early.  We understand and that's perfectly accdptable.

Is there food?

We offer water during intermission and we have a cookie reception at the end of the Sing.

What songs will we sing?

At the Sing, we sing ALL of Handel's Messiah!  All 53 movements!


Is there handicap parking?

Limited, but yes, some

Is there a wheelchair ramp

It's flat from the parking lot into the sanctuary. There's a ramp from the sanctuary to the restrooms.

Where do I park?

In the large church parking lot, or on the street, or across Cherry Blossom at the back of the church at our neighbor's, Shir Hadash

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