Position Available


PCLG is seeking to hire a part-time Financial Administrator, starting in January 2018. A description of the position appears below. To apply, send a cover letter and résumé to personnel@pclg.org. For more information, write to this same email address.



Title: Financial Administrator

Purpose: To provide financial services for the church and the church’s preschool

Hours: Six to eight hours per week

Education: Bachelor’s degree; some coursework in accounting

Experience: Three or more years doing full-charge bookkeeping; church experience a plus

Skills: Proficiency in Excel; willingness to learn church database/accounting program

Strengths: Ability to work closely with church Pastor, Administrator, Finance Elder and church committees; to deal skillfully with details; and to maintain strict confidentiality


Main Duties:

1. Provide accounting services for church finances, including fund and budget accounts

2. Work closely with church Finance Committee in establishing budgets

3. Coordinate with Church Administrator to ensure that proper financial procedures are followed and that accurate income, spending and payroll records are kept

4. Be a resource for Church Administrator regarding payroll, bookkeeping and other financial matters

5. Prepare regular financial reports as required

6. Maintain investment records as directed by church elders

7. Attend occasional staff meetings as required


The Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.