PCLG Session

As part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), our elders, together with the pastor, seek to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation through their leadership and service. As a group they are called our church Session.They are to be persons of faith, dedication and good judgement. Elders meet monthly to prayerfully consider, discuss, and vote when necessary, on the activities, mission, concerns and budgetary needs of the church.


Our Current Elders

                                   Mark Baker                      Beth Barry                      Reid Bierly                     Jackson Bordelon
                                   Natalie Cerussi                Ron Dickel                     Steve Eldridge                Diane Hanne
                                   Peggy Heath                   Diana Koch                    Collette Lynner               Tammy Moriarty
                                  Steve Raspe           Dan Rohrer           Angie Smith            Brian Tam           Martha Wills