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At PCLG, committees are a big part of how we get things done. Through them, we not only support the life of the church, we reach out to others in the community and in the world, all as a means of serving God. Plus, we have fun along the way! Do you see an area that interests you? We invite you to contact an elder and put your gifts to use serving the Lord.

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Adult Education

Through Bible studies, seminars, classes, or ongoing educational series, we provide a forum for guest preachers and presenters to share meaningful messages. Contact Elder Beth Barry.




We prayerfully serve the congregation by allocating PCLG mission funds, informing PCLG members and friends about mission opportunities—locally and globally—mission trips, and disaster relief efforts, and providing opportunities for members to serve God in the local community and beyond. Contact  Elder Peggy Heath and Jeff Thompson



Caring Ministries

The office of Deacons, as set forth in scripture, is one of compassion, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Deacons are those of brotherly and sisterly love, selected by the congregation and ordained by the church. Our mission is to provide compassionate help, wherever we may be needed, within the congregation and out in the community. Contact Elder 

Diane Hanne

Safe Church

The Safe Church committee’s mission is to foster a congregational culture of awareness of sexual abuse and harassment against children and adults and to create an environment safe from sexual abuse by screening, training, fingerprinting, and confidential documenting of professional staff, elders, deacons, and children and youth program volunteers. Contact Clerk of Session, Brenda Costanzo.

Community Life

The Community Life ministry at PCLG strives to create opportunities for members of our community to interact with one another across generational boundaries so that we might grow closer to one another and to God. Contact Elder Renee Crites.


Welcome & Witness

We strive to create a sense of belonging for new members and visitors. We conduct New Member classes during which we share life experiences, pray with one another and become a lasting community. Our focus is on helping our church feel connected – not only to one another but to our greater community. We also create internal and external communications and come up with events and activities to inform, educate and entertain. Contact Elder Steve Raspe.


The Personnel committee has the responsibility to provide for the administration of the office of the church, including the employment of non-ordained staff. The committee works in a supportive and counseling relationship with the head of staff and with other staff, as needed. Human resource support is provided for all PCLG employees. Contact Elder Reid Bierly.



Facilities & Grounds

We are a dedicated team who work to maintain the interior and exterior of our beautiful church. We manage facility lock up, room usage fees, insurance carriers, and the people who keep our rooms clean and grass green! Our invaluable Happy Paint team completes small tasks around the church. Contact Elders Brian Tam & Angie Smith.

Growing Foot Prints

GFP is our weekday Preschool, and is a vital part of our ministry. Contact Elder Tammy Moriarty

The Finance committee monitors and reports on the financial activities of the church, as well as manages the numerous investments with which the church has been blessed. On an annual basis, the committee leads Session through the preparation of the operating budget. Contact Elders Mark Baker & Ron Dickel.

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