Tables of Eight



Did you know that PCLG has a program that makes it easy and fun to get to know other members of our church “family”? At Tables of Eight we form groups of eight to ten adults, singles and couples, who agree to share a meal together four times over a six month period. Any adult member of the congregation can join (ages 18 to 108). It’s a great way to meet new people of all ages without committing all of your precious free time.

Each group decides when they will meet and what kind of meal they will have—pot lucks, picnics, pizza at a pizza parlor or whatever. The idea is to meet, eat, laugh, have fun and get to know one another. By meeting four times, we get beyond the “getting-to-know-you” conversations like… Where do you live?… How many children?… What do you do?… etc. We really get to communicate with each other at a personal level.

This is not a family event, although we would like to encourage parents of all ages to attend. This is a chance to interact with other adults. If you’ve participated before, an attempt will be made to group you with people that have not been in your group before. If you participate for a few sessions, you will be surprised how many people you really know when you attend Fellowship in the Social Hall on Sundays! Contact Mary Jane Humphrey at (408) 963-6005 or if you’re interested in signing up.