PCLG Treasure Hunt and Picnic Lunch
Saturday, June 12, 2021, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

On Saturday, June 12, PCLG is holding a Treasure Hunt and Picnic Lunch – the first of its kind at our church and the first in-person, all-church event in more than a year!

Designed by the Adult Education Committee, this exciting event is based on Ezra and Nehemiah, two books of the Bible that are the topic of our current sermon series.

Participants will receive a list of clues leading to “treasures” located across the campus. Hunters are encouraged to form teams, either in advance or at the church before the hunt starts. This event will be timed and competitive, with prizes going to the winning team or teams. (See the Treasure Hunt Instructions below for more information.)

Following the hunt, members of the Community Life Committee will serve a delicious boxed picnic lunch.


Everyone is invited but registration is required, and is limited to 125 people (plus hunt volunteers). To register at Sign Up Genius, click here.
Participants will be given instructions at the event, but we recommend you look them over ahead of time. You can read them below or download them (click here).

PCLG Treasure Hunt Instructions 

  1. Check in: Check in at the check-in station outside the church office. Make sure you’re wearing your face mask. FYI: Restrooms are open in the Youth Center building on the small parking lot side, near Cherry Blossom Lane.


  1. Get Materials: Go to the outer brick courtyard near the big parking lot and pick up the Treasure Hunt instructions and a clues envelope. Do not open the envelope until the hunt officially starts. Remember to keep at least six feet away from people who are not in your household.


  1. Read the Instructions: Read all of these instructions so you’ll know what to do when the hunt begins. This is a competitive and timed event, so you’ll need to move quickly. You don’t want to be trying to figure out how the hunt works once it starts.


  1. Form Your Team: If you haven’t already, form your hunt team. If you aren’t part of a team but want to be, our hunt master, Pastor Dave, will help make that happen when he introduces today’s event. A team may consist of a single individual, members of a single household, or up to five socially distanced friends. If you are under age 14, you must have at least one adult on your team. All members of a team must hunt together – no splitting up!


  1. Listen for the Shofar: Hunt Master Dave will introduce the event and a special guest, who will blow a shofar. The sound of the shofar marks the official start of the hunt. You will have 75 minutes (1¼ hours) to complete the hunt. When you hear the shofar, set your watch or phone alarms for 75 minutes, open your clues envelope and start hunting! Hang onto the pen in the envelope – you’ll need it.


  1. Follow the Clues: The “treasures” you’re hunting for are located across the PCLG campus, outside and inside. Follow the clues in any order to find them. All clues and treasures are based on places and things mentioned in the biblical books of Ezra and Nehemiah, but you don’t have to carry your Bible – the clues contain all the information you need. Hint: Use your imagination to think of PCLG places and things that are roughly analogous to the biblical ones.


  1. Look for the Red Yarn: Each treasure is marked with red yarn. When you find a treasure, figure out the answer related to the clue and, using only the pen from your clues envelope, write your answer on the clue sheet. If a clue asks for a list, you need to list all appropriate items. Please do not touch any treasures, yarn markers or tags, or move any items related to the hunt, such as door stops.


  1. Keep Your Distance: Only one team at a time is allowed to enter a small room or gather near a treasure. If you see a team in an area, hang back and wait until its members leave, or seek a different treasure and come back later. Hint: When you discover a treasure, try not to be obvious. Move away from it and write down your answer somewhere else.


  1. Get Help if You Need It: Hunt staff members are circulating around the campus, wearing red hats. They cannot give you clue answers, but if you have any other questions or problems, look for one of them or return to the outer courtyard where someone can help you, and where you’ll find water and first-aid supplies. Hint: If you get stuck on a clue, move to another. The key is to keep moving!


  1. Return as Soon as You’re Done: Return to the outer courtyard as soon as your team completes the hunt and has answered as many clue questions as you can. Immediately ask a hunt staff member there to write your return time on one of your clue sheets.


  1. Listen for the Shofar Again: The shofar will sound again after 75 minutes, marking the end of the hunt. If you’re team is still out, return immediately to the outer courtyard and ask a hunt staff member there to write your return time on one of your clue sheets. (If you don’t hear the shofar, return when your alarm goes off.)


  1. Find Out Who Won: Our hunt master will give the clue answers, and your team will “grade” your own sheets. The team with the earliest return time marked on its clue sheet AND with the highest number of correct clue answers wins the Treasure Hunt.


Good luck!